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[21 Lessons Learned from] ONE MONTH AT MARIST

I LOVE MARIST. I LOVE COLLEGE. Do I miss home? Yeah...

Below is a list 21 things I've learned in my first month away from home.

  1. Use extreme caution with the deserts...they're addicting

  2. The dining hall closes at 8pm on the weekends

  3. The Caberet is always open late for a midnight snack

  4. Fureals are for-real tasty [except for that NASTY Berry Yogurt Flavor]

  5. The SPC (the Student Programing Council) always has an event planned, especially during welcome week

  6. Everyone can find a club to join! [there are too many options]

  7. Living on the 8th floor of Champangat is lit

  8. You can totally walk down eight flights stairs...every few days.

  9. There are 112 steps between floors 1 and 8.

  10. There is always something in the 8th/9th floor Honors College Lounge

  11. Brad is the coolest RA around

  12. Avoid the bathroom around 7:00 AM

  13. Communal bathrooms aren't the worst thing in the world, but trying to shave/Nair your legs in them is.

  14. Don't drink the sink water without a Brita filter.

  15. Towel wraps are a God-send


  17. Bedskirt? More like a junk hider...

  18. Quiet hours don't exist

  19. Making friends isn't too hard, finding a potential boyfriend is.

  20. Going to class at 8:00 AM is harder than I thought It would be.

  21. Fashion never sleeps and neither do I.

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