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#ThrowbackThursday: Lana Del Rey's Terminal 5 Show and "Lust For Life" Album Review

It's been a few months since Lana Del Rey's newest album "Lust For Life" dropped on Spotify & iTunes. "Lust For Life" featured a wide range of artists everyone from A$AP Rocky to Stevie Nicks.

Below you will find my initial reaction to this AMAZING work of art.

[Actual feels depcited]


Everyone can relate to something on "Lust for Life", no matter if you are a "Born to Die" Lana fan or you love the Weekend (the artist, not Friday, Saturday & Sunday...but I love those too) "Groupie Love" ft. A$AP Rocky is one of my favorite tracks on the record. [personally I think Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky should make music ALL THE TIME, #throwback to National Anthem] The best part is when A$AP Rocky starts rapping...mhmm. Rap and Alternative come together like PB & J and it is straight up beautiful.

"Lust For Life" (LFL) is different from all of her previous albums. Del Rey brings a fresh sound and sultry beats to her music. The songs are deep. The songs are dark. The songs are powerful.

I's bad to have favorites, but I do.

  1. Get Free

  2. God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It

  3. Heroin

  4. Change

  5. Tomorrow Never Came

"Get Free" is the most beautiful song on this entire album. It's the perfect ending to a perfect album.

I was able to see her live at Terminal 5 NYC.

It was beyond amazing.

She was beautiful.

I thought Lana Del Rey had a beautiful voice already but, hearing her live was like floating on the softest cloud.

When she is live she adds little things to her songs which makes the experience all the more exciting.

Lana sang songs from all of her released albums: Paradise, Born To Die, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and

(of course) Lust For Life.

Lana opened with the song "13 Beaches" from the Lust For Life album. The crowd (and me, of course) went absolutely wild.

She loves to interact with her audience.

My favorite part is when she forgot the words to "Get Free" and we sang them to her. *screaming*

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