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The Rewind: Best Photos of 2017

2017 was a life changing whirlwind...I running everywhere and doing everything...I didn't really have time to take a break but when I did, I took a photo. These are in no particular order...I let the photos place themselves.

Beware the frozen heart and all ice in Jackson

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany's have Breakfast with Natalie

Love the Foxes & Football

I took a Journey to the Past at Anastasia on Broadway

Yes, I made this shirt! #maristfashion

Eighteen on July 8th!

Breaking hearts and staying warm in February

Turning that tassel on May 19th

New hair, who dis? In Houston, TX

Y'all like my new place? See it here:

Sisterly love and Eyebrows on fleek

Seeing new things at the MET. Art = Educated

This is what dreams are made of...


BOBBY CONTE THORTON...and look he's holding my card :)

This is a Bronx's not my story...but I loved every minute if it.

I actually had to buy a parka...

The best for last...Nationals in Louisville, KY. Watch it here:

Christy Altamore!! [literally the sweetest] [and look at that smile]

Better friends? I think not...

No date, no prom-blem...I was almost prom queen too...See it here

I have a I suit up (for Speech & Debate):


Spring Sprang and Easter Sunday Came

I actually didn't experience a total eclipse of the heart...

Room 812 never looked better

River Friday at it's finest!

This was snow-real

BEST DAY EVER...thank you Walkway Over The Hudson.

Merry Christmas to all from everyone's favorite toy soldier!

Did I senioritis? Nah, I was the sheriff.

So much love for Metro North...


I'm all for flying home

A Sparkling Soul...

I think I covered everything...haha...2017 was pretty great. Change is a powerful thing and I changed...just as the years do.

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