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Check Me Out! The Checkerboard Fashion Trend

Are you racing, gaming, or feeling retro?

The Dancing Shoes by Natalie Ford (2015)

If you've seen my artwork you know I LOVE the checkerboard pattern. It can act as a background for a piece, a graphic design detail, or be a focal point in the overall design. Checkerboards are also present in the worlds of racing and chess, however, some may associate checkerboard with retro diners from the 1950s.

The checkerboard trend definitely came from the high-end side of fashion. Above is Stella McCartney's S/S 18 Boy's Check and Arrow Top. I totally wish I could by that sweater in my size.

Stella McCartney's Checked Heels make me want to run onto the dance floor! The added zig-zag stitching makes these heels all the more fun.

This checkered baseball tee is giving me all the retro feels.

Checkerboard is a very basic pattern, but its so mesmerizing.

Forever 21 followed suit with checked tops, leggings and these comfy joggers. I'd totally cross the finish line with in those joggers.

H&M wanted to play the game so they created this long sleeve checked shirt.

What do you think about this trend? Feeling the need for speed? I am! So, I'm definitely checking this trend out.

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