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 I THOUGHT college would be devoid of drama. I couldn't be more wrong.  

In high-school drama is so public and petty, in college drama is sneaky and way more intense. 

So here's the skinny on my week thus far...

Class officer elections are happening for the 2018-2019 school year. So that means campaign speeches. I thought these campaign speeches were going to be about improving student morale and the college as a whole. NOPE. There were some COMPLETE ROASTS of previous candidates and policies. It's totally normal to be critical, however, roasting is a little too wild. 

Next, there is some dorm drama. Parting can be fun but too much noise is bad for everyone! Noise complaints have everyone watching their back [for the snakes!!]. You can never be too careful on social media.  

The walls are thin but the tolerance (of foolishness) is getting thinner.

Keep your lawn snake-free, 

Natalie D.

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