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Once Upon A Time...A Show That Changed My Life

Once Upon A Time, not too long ago, there was a young girl who lived in a land that was devoid of magic, filled with fear and no imagination...ok, y'all caught me, I'm the girl. My life is no fairytale. I'm not living the hard-knock life either, but I've been through a lot.

I remember when I first watched Once Upon A Time, I was in 7th grade and it was around Thanksgiving and I was at my aunt's house and I immediately fell in love. The costumes were outstanding and the stories were captivating. Each season, new adventures would take us to breathtaking places. I loved the magic. All magic came with a price, which caused me to think about how "shortcuts" we take to get things we want could majorly cost us in the long run. But most of all, I loved the lesson of hope. No matter how dark things got or how evil the villain was, the heroes always had hope. This hope would propel every episode and every season of Once Upon A Time. This hope propelled me too. I may not fight dragons or evil queens, but I had some bad days. On the worst days, I had hope that everything was going to get better.

The finale (Final Episode) was everything that I'd hoped for. It brought back my favorite characters from past seasons like Emma, Granny, and the Dwarfs, and new friends like Alice and Jacinda. A perfect ending to my favorite story. Just all began...Once Upon A Time.

Five Favorites for Once Upon A Time

Favorite Episode: Snow Falls; Season 1, Episode 3

Favorite Character: Regina/Roni/Evil Queen

Favorite Relationship: Snow White & Prince Charming

Favorite Place (aka Where I'd want to visit): The Royal Palace (where Snow & Prince Charming Lived)

Favorite Story Rendition: Tiana - The Princess & The Frog

Thanks for everything,


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