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When you are chilling the bros at 10 but you gotta work at 11.

Balenciaga has been known for their unique silhoettes and designs BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS. WTF. You'd think for $1,290, this t-shirt would have some super abilities ( i.e. ordering Starbucks or flying) or some extra-rare materials like 24K diamond or ruby buttons BUT NO. It's just two shirts attached together. TWO SHIRTS. I CAN GO TO WALMART AND GET THESE THINGS FOR LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS. Who came up with this? Time to fire some designers.

One question though...Could you choose to wear either shirt?

I can't believe fashion has come to this. There is a difference between creativity and stupidity. Between the Triple S Sneakers, $2,000 Ikea Look-A-Like Bag, and this "double shirt", I think Balenciaga has moved passed creative design and is now going for controversy and shock value.

Either way (you decide to wear it, if you wear it at all) this shirt is just something else for rich kids to throw their dollars at and the rest of us to make memes of.

Like Lil Yatchy, I am disappointed.

Struggling to process this,

Natalie D.

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