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Christmas In July: A Terrarium DIY

Everyone's been talking about Christmas in July, so I decided to (subtly) bring a little Christmas in to my home.



-Mini Christmas Tree

- Agate Crystal (any crystal is fine, this is just what I used)

-Faux Pearls

-Fake Snow

-Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)

-Any other embellishments you'd like in your terrarium (little animals, flowers, miniature objects)

Peel the sticker off the terrarium

Add a drop of hot glue to the base of the mini tree

For extra security, I put some more hot glue around the base of the tree.

Here comes the fun part! Add in the fake snow

Add in your embellishments! Arrange them any way you like. I glued this rose brad into my mini tree. I have some faux pearls, tiny flower pins, and a crystal

A blurry close up.

This step is optional but I added "icicles " around the opening of the terrarium for an extra icy effect.


I hope y'all enjoyed the first DIY on Go to theNatalog on YouTube for more DIY videos and ideas!

Merry Christmas??

Natalie D.

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