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Back At It: Haiku Tuesday

Need some jams to help you through those boring reading assignments or long walks to class? Check out the Spotify playlist here!

School is in session

Summer is over and out

Midterms are afoot

Late nights and lattes

Ethics and economics

The grind never stops

Projects, Pins, Papers

Don't wait or procrastinate

Believe in yourself

I think the biggest piece of Back to School advice for myself this year is to BELIEVE THAT I CAN ACHIEVE. I was accepted into Marist as an Honors Student, I did well my freshman year, and I'm still here! Now is not the time for fear (or procrastination). Get some sleep, get up, and grind. EVERYDAY. There are hard and easy days ahead. Push through, power through, and do you.

Always believe,

Natalie D.

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