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Have A Diary, But Make It Fashion: The (Natalie) Fashion Dairies #1

There was the Vampire Diaries, the Carrie Diaries, and even the Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I'd like to bring the diary concept to 2018 with my very own fashion diary "The (Natalie) Fashion Dairies". The title is a work in progress. I know. I want this to document my journey through fashion (at Marist). I'll post things I'm working on: designs, drapes, and mood boards. I want to document everything, a virtual portfolio of sorts. Before

Natalie Facts

Age: 19

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Personal Style: I honestly do a bit of everything except athleisure

Go-to Hairstyle: Box braids

College Major/Minor: Fashion Design/Business

Dream Job: Creative Director of Chanel/Fendi (Basically Karl Lagerfeld's Job)

Relationship Status: Extremely Single (going on 18 years!!)

Currently Obsessed With: Mrs. Maisel, Gypsy Sport, Valentino, Pastels, & Pant Chains

Favorite Movie: Cinderella [2015, Lily James]

Favorite Place: New York City

Favorite Color(s): Hot Pink & Mint Green

Hobbies: Cooking, Skiing, Reading, Blogging, YouTubing, Watching movies, Travel, and Dancing

(One of my Many) Mantras: If you can believe, then you can achieve

I want to try: Every starred food spot on my NYC Google Maps, dancing on a table, and Zac Posen's Cookbook

But André, is it (ever)?

Live life. But make it fashion,

Natalie D.

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