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Flouncy-Flouncy: The [Natalie] Fashion Dairies #2

Freshman year (last year) I just followed the instructions and patterns that my professors gave me. The professors would leave the slopers out for us and we would copy them onto pattern paper, then I'd make the garment. Now it's time for me to create my own garment. I still have guidance but I am beginning to make my own patterns and design garments.

Meet Fiona, my dress form! [also known as "Fat Booty But A Small Back"] She's a 2018 form so they decided to add an actual butt! The older forms are "flat" in the back but not Fiona...she's slim thick.

Today Fiona is wearing a custom designed flare bodice. It features mid-neck darts, a bust-level circular flare and back neck darts.

I love it! (Why wouldn't I love it, it's my design? it's like a duh)

It's fun, flouncy, and feminine.

This was exciting for me. It's one thing to design a garment on paper but seeing the design in 3D gives it a new perspective. When I started making this bodice, I had NO CLUE what I was doing or how I was going to do it. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS.

I'm excited to work on this "mini" collection and work towards my senior collection.

I'm not Alice, Marist isn't Wonderland, but I have most certainly fallen down the fashion design rabbit hole.

Currently in "Wonderland",

Natalie D.

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