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Re-do Wednesday: The [Natalie] Fashion Diaries #3

Happy New Year!

Fashion is tough, fashion is wild, and fashion is intense BUT it is forgiving in the setting of a college classroom. The real world doesn't care, they don't forgive, they ridicule and rip you apart. But for the moment I have the chance to re-do some things because practice makes perfect and perfect makes great letter grades. Welcome to Re-Do Wednesday.

7:15 AM

Rise and shine! My alarm goes off and I hit the shower, put on my most "fashionable" work outfit which consists of my black leggings and one of my trendy sweatshirts.

8:00 AM

BREAKFAST! The most important meal of the day! I cannot do anything (properly) without a bit of breakfast...I don't need the whole nine yards (i.e. pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, etc.), a fruit smoothie, toast with jam and scrambled eggs will do.

8:38 AM

Walk downstairs, out of my building, and hop onto my bicycle. I pedal up the hill and across the green to the fashion building.

9:00 AM

My bike has been locked away. I set up my workspace and gather my materials. It's go time...or is it? I need to ask my professor a few questions before I get started.

9:30 AM

Questions answered. Let's get started. Unroll muslin, trace pattern draft, REPEAT.

10:15 AM

A small break. Short breaks are good.

10:20 AM

Back to the grind. Pin dart. Check pinning. Sew. Backstitch. Clip threads. This cycle repeats about 9 more times. :)

11:30 AM

I attach the bodice and the skirt. Then I put away my supplies because I have to go. It's now time for community service. To the Marist Garden I go.

11:34 AM (and onward)

Some garden work, a tasty dining hall lunch, and a few homework assignments.

Last semester I had no classes on Wednesday, so I'd use this to catch up on everything from schoolwork to sleep. Thanks for following me around my re-do Wednesday.

In the end, I did not complete the "re-do" of my first assignment. It's not that I gave up. I did not give up. I realized my attention was needed elsewhere. [Also, I just felt extremely unmotivated at the time, and the deadline for my other project was approaching] I needed to work on my final project. The deadline was closing in and there was tons of work to be done. Sometimes you have to leave things in the past and move forward. Because if you are fixated on the past, you will have no future.

To progress and better sewn dresses,

Natalie D.

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