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"Aesthetic" New Year's Resolutions

January 2019 is (basically) over! I hope you are still on your New Year's Resolutions because I am...kind of. However, on this last day of January, I am going to "add" to my list of "resolutions". Did you miss out on the first set of NYRs? Check them out here!

1. A Creative Journal

The bullet journal trend has gone viral! So I want to give this a try but instead of using my bullet journal as a "planner", I'd use my "creative journal" write down ideas, lists, and little doodles. It's a place to jot down quick ideas, so I can use them later!

2. Cute-sy Crafting

I love little crafts! I may be in fashion design but there is nothing like making little DIY items! Recently, I have become extremely interested in embroidery and resin crafting. So I want to practice and improve my skills with those crafts. I have also started to find beading quite interesting! Don't worry narwhals! I share it all here!

4. Funky & Experimental Makeup Looks

Between insta-famous beauty gurus to eccentric make-up ads, beauty is trending up! I've always wanted to try some wild make-up looks, but have never actually acted on it. This year I'm gonna bulk up my beauty collection and find creative ways to get gorgeous!

5. Being more secure and honest with myself / Clarity with my emotions and intentions

Self-care is the new buzz word for 2019. This year I want to work on the way I interact with others-especially friends and family. In addition, I need to believe. Doubt and fear have no place in my life.

6. Photos / Videos That Are Aesthetically Pleasing

My YouTube channel is very small. In fact, you may be one of the only people to read this article. In order to grow, I need to improve the content that I produce! I want to emulate styles that I've found appealing while also creating my own distinct look!

Here's to a new you narwhals,

Natalie D.

Isaiah 41:10

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