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Digital Do: The [Natalie] Fashion Diaries #4

Computers are changing everything we design included.

I use AI. Not artificial intelligence. But Adobe Illustrator.

Designers use Adobe Illustrator to create spec sheets and tech packs. Some advanced systems can even help designers estimate fabric yardage, which can save the designer money and cut down on waste. Technology can be intimidating. However, taking a class devoted to a technological skill provides guidance in using these high tech software.

Like any new skill, it was challenging at first but then it became fun! Each class became more interesting and so the homework assignments. Using software like Illustrator made me feel super smart. I really loved that feeling.

My favorite part of illustrator is how it allows you to visualize color combinations and even texture choices!

Marist has the entire Adobe Suite installed on all their computers, however, I needed to be able to "illustrate" on the go and in my room. So I "purchased" the Adobe Creative Cloud for my laptop! Best decision I made last semester!! Illustrator also doesn't require Wifi either...another bonus. Sorry Amazon and Netflix, Adobe is my favorite subscription service (during the school semester). This #NotSponsored. But Adobe, I will gladly publicize you. Seriously.

How will it go this semester? I love using Illustrator and I understand how to use it. What will I do with photoshop? It's more complex and completely different. I'm not scared. I'm curious and ready to learn. It's all a part of the process.

How about Bergdorf's & Broadway for the Fashion Diaries Title? I like it but I think my title should include something more Marist Related...or maybe something with my name...

Tell me what you think,

Natalie D.

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