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Headspace [My First Collection]: The Natalie Fashion Diaries #6

Welcome to HeadSpace, A soft place to land with groovy (and comfy) clothes to wear. This space is for more productive dreams. Thinking and being.

SO Y'ALL I DESIGNED MY FIRST COLLECTION!!!! *excitement* It had a mood board, digital flats, high fashion sketches AND a customer board!

Basic Collection Facts

Season: Spring/Summer

Inspiration: "Space" and circles

Color Palette: Pastels

Target Customer: Female, 20-35 / She's serious about fun

I use the term space loosely when describing my inspiration because the galaxy trend (or fad) has oversaturated the market and become mainstream. The space aspect comes from thinking of space as an a freeness or (as the dictionary says) "the tendency to be or become distracted, euphoric, or disoriented." In other words, a floaty, lofty feeling or "head in the clouds". That's the idea.

[man, I wish I said all this in my presentation...I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open...more on that later]

The entire idea came about as I was feeling anxious about sophomore year. No more patterns or detailed's all on you. I was I blocked it out...took some time to think [I visited my HeadSpace] ...made a long detailed list and got it (this collection) done!

*time for my design stream of consciousness* has planets....planets are round and shaped like VOILA, design details!

45 1/2 [practice] sketches later...I had created a collection with the looks of the 1960s space age with a classy and modern twist.

the circle space shirt

The assignment was to make one garment - a shirt, a skirt, a dress or something along that order. So I did just that! I made a top that is perfect for spring. Blue satin represents space and clarity. The lilac stripe showcases the thoughts [or planets] that occupy the space.

flats and other things

For every collection there is a customer and for every garment a technical flat. Technical flats show the composition of the garments and help me experiment with prints and colors.

My first collection, of many, was rewarding. I was completely exhausted due to the fact I worked all night on the flats and over a week on my top.

The first of many

Collection Mini-Playlist:

1. In Space - Two Dots

2. Thunderclouds - SIA

3. Chasing Waterfalls - TLC

4. Dancing in Heaven Orbital Be-bop - Q Feel

5. On the Wing - Owl City

Keep your head out of the clouds,

Natalie D.

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