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Gear Shift: The Natalie Fashion Diaries #7

Is it time for you to change gears? Yeah, I thought so.

It was finals time again. Second semester was rough to say the least. I was tired, almost out of money, and low on physical strength. However, I had to push through because the finish line was in sight!

Like first semester, we were required to make one garment. BUT this semester's final had an additional challenge: fitting on the model. Clothes are not meant for the racks and mannequins but for real live people. Seeing your garment on a model can give a designer a new perspective on an old design.I did most of my fittings in class on a model and we given notes on fitting and design corrections. Initially I was nervous, but our model, Cindy, was really nice and my notes were not as bad as I had perceived. With each fitting, something was changed--the placement of the zipper, the hem allowance, and even the neckline...

Three long weeks and a ton of fabric later, we came to the final fitting. The final fitting is constructed in the final fabric before all the finishing touches are put into the garment. I designed this geometric print using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I got it printed on

Now that the fittings are over, I finally finished* the dress and check out the final product modeled by Margo!

This is the portfolio edition of the Gear Shirt Collection.

Change is good,

Natalie D.

*By finally finished, I mean I BARELY made it. I had the flu the week prior to the project due date and stayed up til' 4:30 AM the night before. The dress was FINISHED about five minutes before my presentation (that was at 1:30 PM).

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