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DIY Wednesday: SketchBook Make Over!

Boring notebooks = Bad Grades.

It's the most wonderful time of the year (maybe)...Back to School! Let's spice up your school supplies so you can have your best year yet!


Blank sketchbook (any size)


Paint Brushes

Paint Palette / Paper Plate (optional)

Stickers & Sticker Paper

Sharpies / Markers

Tissue Paper

Place the tissue paper under the sketch book cover. It serves as a protective layer between the cover and the first few pages.

I put my paint directly onto the sketchbook cover, but you can use a paper plate or a paint palette to hold and mix the paint.

Paint on your base color. I used white, but you can pick any color you like!

Let the base color dry for about 20 minutes, then add your accent color(s).

Paint your cover until you love the look! Let dry for 30 minutes or so. Then, remove the tissue paper.

I used a circle hole punch to make about 20 small circles from the Circut Sticker Paper.

Place your circles and other stickers and place them onto the sketch book. I also cut 4 strips from the sticker paper.

To add some extra flair, I put an "N" on the big circle using some sharpies and paint pens. Make sure your sketchbook is completely dry and remove the tissue paper!

Enjoy your New Sketchbook!! Have a happy school year!

In the hopes that this will become a common series on theNatalog,

Natalie D.

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