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August Blue: August Mood Board

Bubbles, Beaches, and Blue Skies.

I know this mood board is long overdue, but I decided to describe August in shades of blue. Blue is a color with so many hues. Some sad, some fresh, clean, and new. It can be dark, bright, or come from a muted point of view.

Blue is dreamy, melancholy, and comfy

August, in my mind, is like another new year because it was time for school to start. The new school year was always filled with excitement, shopping, nervousness, and daydreams. I always loved getting ready to go back to school, however, I was always sad that my (never long enough) summer break was coming to an end. Yet, I managed to cherish the summer memories, take one last trip to the beach, buy new shoes, and have one more movie night. Then, it was off to the races and back to school. New classes, teachers, and possibilities.

This is the August Blues...

The August Blue reminds me that new and exciting things will coexist with sad things. And that is ok. Things are changing, but your dreams are still valid. Reminisce and exist.

Still feeling blue,

Natalie D.

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