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Back in The Sun: July Mood Board

Winter and Spring have come and gone and now summer is on! It's all about my birthday, butter, and staying cool.

Happy July! Summer is in full swing and my birthday month is finally here! I hope y'all are staying cool amidst the sweltering heat.

I think this month is about happiness, healing, and partying with the permission to dance.

(if you caught the reference, let's be besties) I am not sure how much analysis I should provide for these mood boards. It can be surface level, or deeper than the Pacific Ocean.

Since it's my first time doing a monthly mood board, I'll give you a basic explanation. So BTS's Butter is the song of the summer; yellow (Illuminating) is the color of the year; summer is hot, and it's almost time for my birthday party and the beach. Butter (or better) days are ahead. You've got this, fight the power, the heat, and be happy.

Here comes the sun and more blog posts,

Natalie D.


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