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Costco: Local Adventure #1

I've been all over the world, now I'm going to explore my I'm gonna start with the new Costco.

The Only Costco In Mississippi

Costco is the true expression of American consumerism. Vast assortments of items--tires, produce, cleaning supplies, and electronics--are all under one giant roof. All items are sold in large bulk quantities. I had never shopped at a Costco until now...I have been to Sam's, another bulk store, but nothing compares to Costco

So grab your mask, your mom (or shopping partner), and let's run an essential errand to Costco.

First impressions...

  1. All employees and customers are required to wear masks! (yay!!)

  2. Costco is very clean and the displays are well organized

  3. It does look similar to Sam's Club but, the atmosphere and overall layout are different.

Now to the shopping!

Costco sells food brands I'd never seen before, like the Cretors popcorn shown above! I'm up to try any new snack food! So, I bought a bag of this cheddar and caramel popcorn and it was pretty good! Kirkland, Costco's store brand, also sells some quality products.

Costco's Bakery items are sooooo tasty. I highly recommend the coffeecake flavor muffins.

The bakery is connected to the very large, pre-prepared meals section. COSTCO HAS SO MANY OPTIONS!! My mom has been to Costco several times and bought many pre-prepared dinners...they are SO GOOD. The lasagna and the chicken alfredo are delicious and easily feed a whole family. I also like the taco kit and the shrimp cocktail box.

Ahh...the necessities of the pandemic, toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water.

YOGURT AND RIBS? My only "issue" with Costco is how they arrange some of their items. Is it a marketing ploy? Probably, but I'm not sure. It's also not the only time when this happened in the were sold next to the grapes. -- sidebar -- Noosa Yogurts are soo good, I like the lemon flavor!


...probably someone who owns a restaurant. But still.

So you can get your party on too at'll be poppin'

We've also got to support their social distancing efforts because they are doing the best job!! Everyone's got to wear a mask, the checkout is spaced out, and there is social distancing signage throughout the store. Costco...we stan.

Currently eating that Cretos popcorn,

Natalie D.


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