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DIY Wednesday: Black River Top

In the spirit of staying home, staying fabulous, and saving the planet, I have a super easy DIY top for you. The Black River Top is from my Renaissance Wear Portfolio. (Check it out here!)

This DIY top is completely eco-friendly because I made my own non-toxic, all-natural fabric paint. However, in the spirit of the times, feel free to use whatever fabric paints you currently own. I made my paint by using the recipe and materials from Natural Earth Paints. I purchased pigments from Natural Earth Paints and bought soybeans and gum tragacanth from Amazon.


  • T-shirt

  • Paint

  • Brushes

  • Cup of Water

  • Paper Towels

  • Plastic Drop Cloth

  • Cardboard


  1. Buy or make your paint. (If you'd like to make your own paint, click here!)

  2. Stuff your shirt with cardboard and/or plastic bags to prevent it from sticking together

  3. Start painting! (follow my video below)

  4. Let dry overnight, then paint the other side of the shirt!

Check out the other side!

Now that the DIY is is time for a few glamour shots.

Stay Crafty,

Natalie D.


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