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Fancy & Flowy: My Milan Fashion Faves

It's Fashion Friday, so it's time for some fashion from one of the most iconic fashion city, Milan.

Check out this guy's sleeves! The shirt itself may be plain but the sleeves are embellished with an octopus-like applique.

My friend Kristine is rocking this pearl hair clip. Small accessories go a long way y'all, it'll take your outfit to the next level!

These two ladies really nailed the "Fancy and Flowy" that this blog post is named for. On the right, this woman is sporting a flowy ensemble that's accompanied by a stylish yet unconventional bag. This loose, flowy look is perfect for spending a romantic fall day. On the left, this model is showing us couture at the highest level. This dress is fancy for sure but the fluidity and flowyness of the train soften the look of the ridged corset-style bodice.

A chic city has chic modes of transportation.

Always fancy,

Natalie D.


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