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Foggy Memory: September Mood Board

I have no regrets, only memories. -Allie Domingo

Foggy memory

A bittersweet symphony

September, I see

It was you and me

A forgotten memory

Do you remember?

So September is a time to remember. Many of my favorite memories were made this month. I feel like things are more comfortable in September, at least that is what I remember. August is filled with anticipation and new beginnings but by the time mid-September comes around, you are settled in and feeling good. It's almost time for fall, the leaves slowly change, the summer sun becomes the morning fog.

Remembering a memory has the color of sepia to me. It's a comfortable haze...Because let's be honest, we can't remember everything perfectly. So that's why we have foggy memories. We blur the lines and remember the good times. Bad memories are remembered too, but we don't like to look at them because they make us feel blue.

For this September and all the ones of the future, I'll remember and try my best not to forget. I'll make new memories and they will be the best ones yet. So next September, I will have something new to remember.

This September will be one to remember,

Natalie D.


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