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Red Bluff: Local Adventures #2

There is nothing like a day in nature.

Mississippi's Little Grand Canyon, Red Bluff is located about an hour from the capital city. This picturesque nature spot is anything but ordinary! Get your hiking shoes on and let's take a hike.

The Prep

Outfits are everything.

Other hiking necessities include friends, a speaker, a water bottle, and snacks!

The Drive

Talk about driving out to the country because this trail is literally in the middle of nowhere. During our two hour drive, I watched the suburban "metropolis" of Jackson turn into the backwoods of Foxworth. Easily navigable highways turn into the unmarked, country roads. Cell signals were left with the highways. (We got lost for like half an hour) Upon our arrival, there wasn't a gas station or much of anything out there...

First Impressions

Nothing to something, it's real, free nature. I feel like Red Bluff was stumbled upon and then word got around to other people about the place. The trails are unmarked, there is no visitors center, bathrooms, or guides. It's a "hike at your own risk" kinda place. Risk aside, many people venture out to Red Bluff.

The Hike

Good views are hard to find and at Red Bluff, that's no exception. I loved the "canyon" view from the top, but the real scenery is inside the Red Bluff "cavern". Our first leg of the hike took us down a steepish hill covered in rocks and sprawling tree roots. Once we made it down, we were greeted by a calm creek and seemingly abandoned railroad tracks. As previously stated there weren't any (extremely noticeable) trail markers, so we spent the first twenty minutes strolling down a train track...[passenger] trains don't typically come through Mississippi so we thought the track was abandoned. Boy, we were wrong...a train came straight toward us!

We hopped off to the side and waited for it to pass. The cavern wasn't this way. We turned around and walked back towards the creek where we had originally descended from. Then we followed the creek and other hikers to the base of the canyon. Our journey to the canyon was slippery, wet, shady, and trashy. Yes, there was trash all over the place, tires, plastic bottles, and even an old refrigerator. However, that didn't stop my enjoyment of our hike. About twenty minutes and some soaked shoes later, we made it to the inside of the canyon! Woo! After a WELL DESERVED break, we returned to the car using the same trails as before.

After a WELL DESERVED break, we returned to the car using the same trails as before. This time I let my feet get fully soaked in the cool clear water. This time I let my feet get fully soaked in the cool clear water.

Last Thoughts

Although it could use a good clean-up, Red Bluff was the perfect afternoon getaway. I felt refreshed even though I was covered in dirt and soaked with sweat, water, and wet clay. If you're in Mississippi, I encourage you to drive on down to Morgantown and hike your day away. For my readers around the world, hop on Google Maps, or ask your friends about cool nature spots near you because adventure is out there (and closer than you might think)!

Want to see more of Red Bluff? Click here to see the video on theNatalog YouTube Channel!!

Beauty can be found in your backyard,

Natalie D.

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