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More Tips for Studying at Home

We've got to learn online y'all.

I hope everyone has watched the video! Click here or the photo above if you haven't already.

8. Chill Music

I love 2000's party jams and Today's Hits as much as the next person, but it's not the best music for studying. Singing along can distract you from your work. I like to listen to instrumentals while I study. I have a playlist of Study Music on YouTube. I also love Spotify's Mellow Beats Playlist.

9. Blue Light Glasses

Studies show that light from screens can damage our eyes, cause fatigue, and headaches. Blue light glasses filter the blue light from screens and protect our eyes. My glasses are from Quay Australia but, Amazon also has some really cute pairs too. I love my blue light glasses.

10. Use Your Resources

Thank God for the Internet! It is chock-full of free resources that you can use. Don't ever be afraid to ask your teachers for help, but these resources can be a great addition to their help. Khan Academy and Crash Course are my favorite places to expand my knowledge of everything from math to history. Grammarly will make your papers and written assignments sparkle. Quizlet is my favorite place to study online.*

Get Your Study On!

Natalie D.

*It should be noted that I was Quizlet Queen in high school.


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