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The Graduate: My Graduation Dresses + Looks

When graduation is in person you've got to wear something fabulous.

In high school, graduation was a one-and-done event. On the other hand, college graduation was over a week's worth of events, ceremonies, and photoshoots. All eyes are on you, especially if you were (are?) the Class President. Marist College's colors are red, black, white, and grey. I wanted to display my school spirit in my last days of being a college student. So the theme is: Natalie Is Wearing Red. In America tradtion to wear white for graduation, but since this year has been anything but traditional, I decided to wear red...for almost every event.

Graduation Part 1: Marist Fashion's 35th Silver Needle Runway Show

Four long years of Fashion Design paid off in the form of an outdoor, in-person runway show. Marist's 35th Silver Needle Runway was the perfect way to end my Fashion Design program experience. The journey was rough, but the show was a beautiful illusion. Since I ran out of time to make my own grocery-store-inspired outfit, I found one, courtesy of Ted Baker.

This black-and-white dress was cool, comfortable, and perfect for sitting front row at a fashion show. It's not red, but it matched my collection. "Swipe" left to see my models and I.

Graduation Part 2: Group Photoshoot Day

This one was all for the 'gram. Did you even graduate if do didn't do a photoshoot with your best friends? The answer is no, no you did not. I thought that this was gonna take an hour, but I was SO WRONG. It was 3 hours of fun, champagne, and bestie vibes. Shout out to my friend Emily's sister Sabrina for taking pictures of us! I am wearing another Ted Baker Dress, but this one is from the outlet site!

Everything is better when my besties and I are together. Raise a glass for the coolest girls on campus.

Graduation Part 2.5: Student Government Photoshoot Day

As Class President, I had to make sure the fabulous class officers and I took a moment to celebrate our accomplishments. Thanks to Julia Feigus for photographing me and these awesome leading ladies.

It's the same Ted Baker dress with a different stole.

Graduation Part 3: Solo Photoshoot

I love my friends and myself. So in TRUE, Class President Natalie fashion, I had a solo shoot to celebrate my time as a designer and campus leader. I was feelin' foxy for my solo shoot. I am wearing my fox print dress from our campus boutique Mporium, a white Uniqlo button-down, a black belt, and strappy black heels.

Red Foxes for life.

Graduation Part 4: Honor's Graduation + Baccalaureate Ceremony

It is officially graduation weekend! First up, it is the Honors College Graduation Ceremony at NINE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING...too early for a girl who'd just come of an all-nighter. Immediately following that, I receive the Alumni Leadership Award at the Baccalaureate Ceremony. Keeping with the "Natalie will be wearing red" theme, I chose this fun, multi-colored dress from Ted Baker...and, yes, I had a mask to match.

It was a real honor.

Graduation Part 5: Graduation Day

Today is the day. It all ends and beings here. It rains...the whole time. Nonetheless, I am (kinda) warmly dressed and ready to walk across the stage. I, along with everyone else, swapped my cute red ensemble for a warmer all-black one. Thank you to Carlos de Jesus for taking these gorgeous photos of my graduation day.

The dress isn't important here, it's the cords and metals around my neck that are the real stars of the show. I have listed everything I'm wearing below:

White Stole with Italian and Japanese Flags - Study Abroad

Brown Hood - Batchelor of Fine Arts

Red Cord - Student Government

Red + White Metal - Marist Honors Program

Yellow Measuring Tape - Fashion Design Major

Ok...that was A LOT of outfits and activities. This was more than slightly overdue, but I'm happy I was able to share my graduation outfits with you. My cap is currently un-decorated but that will change soon. College was amazing and I can't believe I am done. I've turned my tassel, crossed the stage, and now I am ready to go.

On to the next chapter,

Natalie D.


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