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The Power: Haiku Tuesday

We have the power to create change.

The battle isn't lost

Victory hasn't yet been won

There's work to be done

Speak up and speak out

To right injustice done wrong

Together, stand strong

Beautiful country

America the broken

We fight to fix it

America is a great nation. We have many things that other countries wish they had. We can speak freely, live freely, and make the lives we want. Our land is vast, diverse, and beautiful, but we are broken. We have problems that will rip us apart. It is up to us, America, to right wrongs, to uphold justice, fight for freedom and equality. Equality hurts no one. Equality will bring us together. That is what will make America great. We are the United States of America…so let’s unite.

Because Black Lives Matter,

Natalie D.


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