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Very Peri, Very Late

better late than never?

As per usual, Pantone picked the color of the year. This yearly color, in my opinion, gives us foresight for fashion, home, and life. It sets the tone for the year ahead. It responds to the past and prepares us for the future. For those who aren't Pantone people, last year we had TWO colors yellow (Illuminating) & grey (Ultimate Grey), which made the perfect descriptors for 2021. A year of change, chaos, excitement, and feelings. (Read my complete take on it here) But let's just say the Pantone pick for 2022, initially left me a bit puzzled.

Up until 2020, I was not a girl who liked purple. That was my little sister's favorite color. I found pink and green to be prettier anyway. Then I went to Marist and developed a deep (and continuing) romance with the color red. But then in 2020, I became an ARMY and BTS' whole thing is purple! (Borahae to my besties!!!) At the same time, lavender became a popular color in home decor and Gen-Z fashion. So in that regard...I guess in 2022, it's purple's time to shine.

Part of the reason for this very late observation is that I initially didn't know what to make of this color. My original thought is that it was a slight nod to the miracle, magic, and talent that is BTS, but I know their choices go deeper than that. (I don't read the Pantone "analysis" before I make my own) In my humble, recent fashion-school grad opinion, I think that Veri Peri is a symbol of personal progress, persistence, and power.

Unlike Pantone's past purples, Ultraviolet (2018), Radiant Orchid (2014), and Blue Iris (2008), this one has a more ethereal and futuristic look. Although it looks VERY SIMILAR to Blue Iris...Very Peri is its own thing. This purple is actually a periwinkle, hence the name "Peri". I feel like it's the perfect color for our future because it is fun and fresh, and definitely can be seen in the holographic, iridescent, digital world of the metaverse. Historically, purple was about power. Only the royals were allowed to dress in such a rich color, but in the digital age, we have the freedom to wear what colors suit us best. It is a soft color, but a strong one. Periwinkle is persistent, over the years it has worked its way from obscure accent color to the forefront of trend and color forecasting.

Persistence, Power, Progress. That's Very Peri.

Let's progress (and wear purple) together,

Natalie D.


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