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Viva Magenta!

According to Pantone, we're about to enter the magenta-verse.

After a "soft" year of Veri Peri, we are back and bolder than ever with Pantone's Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. This vibrant hue is eye-catching, bold, and fun. It is bright but it is also rooted in nature.

Red and pink hues have been a favorite pick of the Pantone Color Institute. Four other years have similar hues, but the last time pink was picked was in 2011. (The color was Honeysuckle) Pinks and reds are some of my favorite colors; I always loved pink when I was little and my college colors were red and white. (GO RED FOXES!!) Pink is fun and exciting while being playful and soft. Red is bold, powerful, and strong. I think it's fascinating that these hues have slightly different connotations while deriving from the same primary color. Magenta perfectly combines these two opposites. It has the power of red and the softness of pink.

Colors are meant to be combined, which is why I have made a few seasonal Viva Magenta Color combos. Scroll through, then comment on your favorite! I think the Spring one is my favorite. Spring is my least favorite season, but the colors are so bright and fun. I didn't use other Pantones for this color palette, I just played around on Adobe Color until I found a color combo that fit each season. I thought about these color combinations as if I were designing clothes or outfits.


Just because it's cold, doesn't mean all the colors have to be! I paired our new color of the year with the traditional black and white for a burst of color in a typically dreary season.


Hello Spring! The frost is melting away and the flowers are coming out to play! I thought about Easter Sunday and cherry blossoms when I made this refreshing palette.


The sun and shining and so is Viva Magenta! Summer is all about fun and excitement. Beaches, popsicles, and the sun are the inspiration for this beachy palette.


Fall is my favorite season. The activities, the cinnamon and pumpkin flavored things, and watching the leaves turn from bright greens to hues of red. This palette reminds me of fall weekends in college and all the adventures we had.

I am excited that this sophisticated, energetic, and slightly futuristic color has been chosen for 2023. Viva Magenta has rizz that cannot be ignored. It encourages us to shake off our fatigue and inhibitions, so we can regain our passion and live life again.

Here's to a year (and a life) of living boldly,

Natalie D.

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Emily Garone
Emily Garone
Feb 22, 2023

Loved this!!

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