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Cautiously Optimistic: Pantone Colors of The Year

2021 has already been an interesting year...

Pantone only does two colors when they suspect great changes are afoot...just saying. The last time there were two colors of the year it was 2016. Y'all remember how that went.

Pantone picks two colors to be The Colors of the Year, Illuminating and Ultimate Grey

Ultimate Gray tells of our cloudy days, our sweatpants, and our lazy moods

Illuminating tells of our newfound caution, desire for youth, and a brighter future.

I really love these colors. They mean a lot. (ok, let's unpack that.)

I don't have to tell you all how hard, confusing, and upsetting 2020 was. I laughed, I lost, and I loved. I know you did too. Although it wasn't what I had in mind, it wasn't all bad. I had a good year. However, as a result of 2020, I have changed my outlook on life a little. I can still be happy and hope for the best, while still being realistic and going with the flow. I call this theory/practice cautious optimism. Both colors represent caution; Ultimate Gray because it is a safe color with warm undertones that represents the recognition of our past struggles; Illuminating because caution signs are yellow. However, it is only the Illuminating that really represents optimism. The name "Illuminating" makes me think of light, clarity, and possibility. Illuminating is bright, like the sun, which reminds us that even in these "Ultimate Gray" days, that there is an "Illuminating" light at the end of the tunnel.

Proceeding with caution and optimism,

Natalie D.

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